In attendance: Jake, Eesh, Katie, Kevin, Lea

@MIT: Gabi

Absent: Chrissy, Laura, Nathan

  • Mark Jones aka Rebecca - Duo Security
    1. Tech is going to email every student
    2. Everyone is required to sign up for Duo, it is an institution policy
      1. Will be locked out if don’t sign up
    3. There are detailed instructions, so it should be easy
    4., there will be a second password where you have to type push,
    5. What about fieldwork/cruises? Should still work, this will be in the instructions
    6. New students: APO might have to tell them how to do it, still unclear on that part of the policy
  • Parking at OP
    1. It has not been a problem, but there are people parking without a pink permit right now. The lot is not full yet.
    2. Lots of cars at Oyster Pond (44 cars??) for only 28 spots.
    3. New shuttle schedule: 9:05 and 10:05, the SSFs take them sometimes
      1. A lot of people take the 8:45, not a lot take the 8:25
  • Feedback on policy on consensual relations
    1. 16/17 support the policy
    2. Gabi will send the responses out to Lea
  • Eesh - all moved to SidPac
    1. need to unpack
    2. wording on the website, forms, process is being updated
      1. Eesh will send out a summary to the students
    3. Need to return the key and keycard when you check out
    4. Check in between 7am and 11pm
  • Eesh - Jelly Talks
    1. Can someone else take lead on this?
      1. Pick up food
      2. Jake might be able to help
    2. Funding situation for food here? Unsure, but we seem to have a lot of money because we were conservative
  • Social hour makes a comeback: Eesh and Jake
    1. Friday, 6/23
    2. Beverage situation is still fine
  • Eesh/Jake - Welcoming first-year BBQ
    1. July 14th, 3pm (have not communicated this with anyone yet)
    2. Volunteers: Jeffrey, OG Jen K (wants money to bake a dessert)
      1. Give her a budget and then use the credit card
    3. Will be at the ball park
    4. Incoming students are the Sunfish
    5. Lea will get trash barrels and recycling bins
    6. Grill delivery, 6 tables
  • Lea - Will the reps be sending an email to the first years (I’m not sure what is included but I think there is usually some type of welcome email and some tips)
    1. Hello, you are the sunfish
    2. Reps can come to the JP welcome lunch on 7/24
    3. Jake can do the email
  • Katie: Steinbach Scholar lessons learned
    1. Should have bought the BBQ stuff ahead of time
    2. Tell people a ballpark to spend, but also need to keep track of how much they spend. A little awkward to communicate about the budget
    3. Went really well overall, big turnout at every event, all the food got eaten.
    4. Follow Alec’s BBQ list, but without all the lettuce
    5. Buy more plates, don’t buy more condiment
    6. There isn’t much information on the drive, so it would be helpful to type up how many people came to each event and how much each one cost.
    7. Scholar had a great time, with a little bit of equipment trouble
    8. Check out the room half an hour early
      1. Give them a break from meetings before each talk
    9. General interest talk
    10. PO students will help with the Chem BBQ
    11. Kevin will do the shopping the weekend before
      1. Don’t forget serving utensils